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The recipient will not be permitted to commence the experience unless they are in possession of a valid voucher.  A voucher is invalid if out of date.  A voucher is valid until date specified on it.  If a customer or recipient is unable to utilise the voucher before the expiry date, upon payment of an administration fee of £10 per person, the company will reissue the voucher for a further 3 months.

Vouchers entitle the holder to participate in a particular activity, however do not have a value, therefore refunds are not given against vouchers.

Failure to attend or late arrival to an event will deem the voucher invalid.

Due to the nature of the activities the recipient must notify a representative of Fastrax Motorspots before booking an activity of any medical condition likely to affect them.

Customers are required to sign a waiver confirming their suitability for any activities they wish to participate in and absolving the Company of any responsibility for ill health as a result of taking part.

Fastrax Motorsports reserve the right to refuse participation to clients they believe may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.